Prime Eco Touch

Malaysians’ favourite, the best-selling water purifier with user-friendly features.

Water Temperatures

Dispenses ambient, cold and hot water to suit your preferences.

Features Overview

Instant Heating

Super saver of electricity charge.

Instant Cooling

Providing through closed direct chilling module.

Temperature Control

Convenient for selecting temperature. (55°C, 70°C, 80°C)

Power Saving Function

Illuminance sensor function which automatically stop water heating and ceiling.

What's behind our water filter

Fiber Membrane Filter

Maxi UF-M Filter removes high molecular-weight substances, colloidal materials, polymeric molecules, bacteria up to 99.9% except minerals.

Silver Carbon Filter

Designed to provide enhanced taste and removal of odours and bacteria from the purified water by Anti-bacterial (AG+) Activated Carbon.

Sediment Filter

Provides high reliability by removing fine dirt, sand, dust and other solid particles in water through 1~10µm (1/1000mm) pores.