Tech Optima Pro

Malaysians’ favourite, the best-selling water purifier with user-friendly features.

Water Temperatures

Dispenses ambient, cold and hot water to suit your preferences.

Features Overview

Safety Lock

Keeps young children away from accidental hot water burns.

Hygiene Guard

Designed to prevent tap from bacteria contamination.

High Capacity

Suffucuent 13.9 laters size tank will give you the satisfaction in public place such as office, hospital or school.

Large Dispensing Area

Able to fit tall bottles such as sports bottles and glasses.

What's behind our water filter

Sediment Filter

Provides high reliability by removing fine dirt, sand, dust and other solid particles in water through 1~10µm (1/1000mm) pores.

Pre-Carbon Filter

Designed to removes chlorine, odour, organic contaminants, pestocides and chemical that affect the taste and odour.

Post-Carbon Filter

Designed to removes residual impurities, chlorine and odours from pre-treated the water by high-grade activated carbon.

Silver Carbon Filter

Designed to provide enhanced taste and removal of odours and bacteria from the purified water by Anti-bacterial (AG+) Activated Carbon.